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From sugar free to loving sugar

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Last updated on April 28, 2020

Wondering about sugar? Is sugar good or bad? What does Intuitive Eating say about sugar?
Well, if you’re asking that question to yourself, it’s time to get that monkey off your back…
I had the absolute privilege of interviewing Erika and I know what you will find that what she has to say is incredibly Human, Inspirational, and Grounding.
You’ll also learn tons of practical action steps to:
– overcome your fear of sugar and stop avoiding sugar
– how to love/respect your body even if you feel deep down ugly
See, back in the day, Erika had been on a ‘successful’ sugar-free diet.
(I put ‘successful’ in quotes because we know that diets can seem successful in the short-term, but nearly always fail in the long run)
Because of the ‘success’ of her sugar-free diet …
Erika had a hard time admitting to herself that she was binge eating and obsessing about food.
Yet that all changed when she learned about Intuitive Eating.
Her biggest insight occurred when she asked someone who had been previously struggled with food “How much sugar do you eat?”
Her whole world was flipped upside down when this lady replied “I eat ice cream nearly every night!”
With all the perspective shifts she shares in this interview, Erika was finally able to find a new level of peace and freedom with her food.
(I absolutely love hearing her rave and rant about the incredibly soul-uplifting benefits of getting rid of food focused thoughts at the end of the interview!)
I know you’ll enjoy it!
Your Enlightened Eating Coach,
Jared Levenson
“Embrace gradual change”
PS: Don’t have time to watch the full interview? Then get inspired by joining the Enlightened Eating community! We have 2 new members this week! Learn more about the best membership in town, here.

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