11 months ago

Why Am I So Hungry All The Time? South Bay Area Intuitive Eating Info!

the 'bible' of intuitive eating

“Ugh. Why am I so hungry all the time?” she asked.

“I’m confused. I literally just ate a second ago and I’m hungry again! And it sounds crazy, I feel like I can’t trust my body.”

“Yet I know Intuitive Eating is good … but I’m having troubles with my hunger. Where do I go from here?”

I’m paraphrasing, but a friend just asked me those questions a few days ago.

She’d been getting into Intuitive Eating and really loving the concepts. The first practice, Honor Your Hunger, made a lot of sense to her.

Instead of following a meal plan or some dietitian’s food plan, she would listen to her body.

Sounds easy and straightforward, right?


It’s confusing as all hell. And that’s okay. It’s supposed to be confusing.

So this post is a compilation pics I took from various Intuitive Eating groups on facebook. We’ll cover:

  • The benefits of Intuitive Eating from an actual practitioner
  • The up-and-down confusion of becoming an Intuitive Eater

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Why Am I So Hungry All The Time?

I hope this pics show you …

It’s ok to be confused.

The last pic, doing the work of journaling, is important.

And also, there are medical reasons for being hungry after eating!!!

I just looked up the science behind it! You can read this article here from Medical News Today to learn more about this.