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What Does It Mean When You Crave Chocolate? YouTube video interview with Deborah (Podcast)

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Last updated on July 10, 2020

My most surprising moment occurred a few days ago in the library when a lady asked me, very specifically, “What does it mean when you crave chocolate?”

I was surprised because normally people don’t ask about my cravings. To make sure I heard her question right, I checked with her. Yes, she was asking about my cravings. Specifically, my cravings for chocolate.

“What does it mean when you crave chocolate?”

I knew the question represented something bigger. This woman wasn’t just asking about my thoughts about chocolate, she asking about her body.

She wasn’t sure she could trust her body. She was asking about feeling confused in her body and not knowing what to do.

Fortunately, I just interviewed Deborah from

Deborah comes from the ‘Almost Anorexic’ side of things. Back years ago, Deborah wasn’t eating enough. She was controlling her emotions, in part, by controlling her food. If she ate less, she could give herself permission to feel better.

But deep down, Deborah knew her body was screaming for something different.

This is where Deborah’s book ‘The Beginning of the End of My Eating Disorder’ starts.

She details her journey from disorder eating to healing her emotional eating and making peace with food.

I have downloaded the book on Kindle and started reading it and it’s great! Her book is a collection of essays which makes things very personal and accessible. To get her book on Amazon, you can visit this affiliate link:

Have you ever felt the same way, that your approach to ‘health’ is making your body scream?

If so, you are definitely going to want to contact Deborah, or at least check out her website, message and content. She has a ton of videos, ebooks, and blog articles on this topic! Plus, she’s from Silicon Valley!

I was so delighted to hear that she Silicon Valley nerd like me! I really enjoyed our interview together. Below is a snippet of our conversation along.

Further below is the full video interview on Youtube. Below that video is a bullet point list of ideas I found useful.

(The bullet point list is how I studied our conversation. It’s basically a list of ideas that I learned and wanted to integrate myself)

Side note: I am never done learning about Intuitive Eating, and how we can best connect to our body, mind and soul and manifest outward results starting from the inside.

This needs to be your approach as well. When you listen/read the rest of this post – ask youself – “What can I learn here and apply?”

The focus here on Weight Loss Enlightenment is getting insights into the nature of dieting so that we can let go of ‘weight loss’ which oftentimes is obsessional and harmful. Once we let go of weight loss, we can embrace our emotions and our body as it is, and connect.

As we learn to connect more to our body, while removing the obstacles that prevent us from connection, then we can make peace with food, ourselves and tap into the incredible power of intuition in our everyday lives.

Without further ado …

Will Chocolate Cravings last forever- No! Your Body Wants Balance!

Jared > There’s this fear of unhealthy eating. It’s like we assume because it’s intuitive and we’re having that conversation that we’re going to jump off the deep end and then it’d be totally unhealthy and blah, blah, blah.

Jared > What’s that been like for you? How do you work with people or help people think about a “healthy eating”?

Deborah > It’s quite natural to worry about health, so people freak out about that. And rightfully so because their rules have been healthy. And eventually your body will tell you what it needs. Your body will want variety in time. And it’ll say, you know, that apple looks really good. (Your body will say) I really want a peanut butter sandwich as opposed to, you know, an ice cream and your body will request that.

Deborah > But at first it’s just more of the psychological deprivation you have to deal with and just eat those foods that you deprive yourself of in the past. But then your body will venture, you’ll want variety. Your body want balance!

Intuitive Eating Lessons I Personally Learned From This Episode With Deborah

  • It’s can be hard to admit you have a problem. It’s okay to be curious about the solution instead. There is a ton of negative mental health stigma about having ‘problems’.
  • If you aren’t sure whether you have a problem or not, just explore a little deeper. Ask yourself what sort of thoughts and feelings come up around food? There’s no need to label yourself as having a ‘problem’ if that makes you feel uncomfortable
  • If you are having problems tapping into the power of your hunger or listening to your body (especially if you have anorexic tendencies), then just having the mindset that you need to eat, can be important. Deborah had to learn the difference between ‘starving’ and ‘bloated’. She then had to start learning other signs of hunger, which happen before ‘starving’. Some of these signs might even include lightheadedness or thinking about food! There are many sensations, not limited to your belly, that may indicate hunger is oncoming.
  • Emotions are temporary, you are never permanently happy or sad. Emotions will always fade. If you are feeling stressed or sad or whatever, that feeling will pass.
  • It’s OK to emotionally eat at first, gradually as you implement strategies you’re emotional eating will decrease. And that’s okay.
  • The unknown is really hard. This really resonates with me. But can I do anything about it? For example, I am wondering what some one is thinking about me right now (true story). I am wondering if they like me because they said something that makes it seem like they dislike me. But I won’t see this person for week. So what good does worrying do about it? Nothing. Therefore, the unknown I have to accept.
  • When you start Intuitive Eating, you will eat unhealthy food. People freak out about that. But that is okay. Eventually your body will tell you what you need. Your body will request that with cravings. In the beginning though you need to eat the foods you want, knowing your body will learn to crave variety!
  • You can practice Unconditional Eating one food at a time. Deborah’s food was potato chips that she started allowing herself to eat. She found out that for potato chips, she could pay attention and eat when she wanted, that she didn’t like potato chips!
  • Deborah bought pounds of nuts because that was the food she was restricting. Deborah would keep the nuts in the house so she could have as much as she wanted. In the beginning, Deborah would sometimes eat past the point of fullness, but she would learn from these experiences.
  • Orthorexia is the term for a condition that includes symptoms of obsessive behavior in pursuit of a healthy diet. Orthorexia sufferers often display signs and symptoms of anxiety disorders that frequently co-occur with anorexia nervosa or other eating disorders. Click here to learn more from

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