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Overcome body shame

Last updated on April 28, 2020

I just published my best Intuitive Eating podcast so far!!!!

So excited to share with you!

My conversation with Linda Tucker touched on the topic of body shame.

To Linda, this was her biggest insight or ‘enlightenment’ she’s ever had …

To me this was shocking.

I thought she would say eating or hunger or mindset.

But  Linda said ‘body shame’ was her single most important concept in her journey to wellness.

More so than any other concept, learning about body shame helped Linda:

– Overcome her fatigue

– No longer believe the negative voice in her head saying she wasn’t worthy of love because her body looked a certain way

– Naturally learning to crave more variety in her diet

– No more binge, emotional, or disordered eating!

You can click here to download the episode directly and listen to our awesome conversation goodness.

The conversation I had with Linda is also available on other platforms. You can find ‘Weight Loss Enlightenment’ podcasts on Android, iTunes, etc.

This conversation is awesome. I actually listened to it again and took notes.

It truly is inspiring how you can transform. Shame doesn’t need to hold you back forever.

Your Enlightened Eating Coach,

Jared Levenson

Weight Loss Enlightenment

“Your Biggest Enlightenment Let Weight Loss Go!!”

PS – Linda is also quite the artist 🙂 She made the sundae pic below

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