Whole Foods Breakfast – Should I Eat Daily In Morning? Bay Area Intuitive Eating

#DidYouKnow?: Let’s talk about about Whole Foods Breakfast. Researchers have found higher levels of stress hormones in people who do not eat breakfast compared with those who do.

For example, here’s a study saying you should have breakfast.

You hear this all the time. Science saying your health should be one way or another. Someone asked me the other day about whole foods breakfast.

They had looked up a science study and were 100% convinced that whole foods breakfast was the way to go.

And I’m not saying science is wrong …

But science looks at AVERAGES.

You might have a personal perference to NOT eat breakfast.

Does that make you wrong? Hell no.

What we need is Personal Awareness.

The biggest problem I see helping people is that they don’t have enough awareness.

Bring Awareness To Whole Food Breakfast

For example, someone might eat breakfast of bagels. Upon closer examination they start to realize the bagels don’t fill them up that much, and they feel a little guilty about eating bagels.

Is eating breakfast the ‘right’ thing to do there?

Of course not.

Instead, paying attention to how different foods make you feel, and your reactions to them is key.

Experimentation, playing …

These are the key ingredients that when we follow ‘science’ we oftentimes end up missing out on.

Do you eat breakfast every day? And are you ‘ok’ if you don’t? How do you feel? These are the questions you need to be asking.
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Hey! Let me blunt with you because you’ve read this far.

It’s vital that you bring awareness to your eating habits if you wish to change them. 

Using more willpower for the millionth time isn’t going to change things and you know that.

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