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To End Yo Yo Dieting Just Shift Your Mindset From ‘Doing’ To ‘Being’

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Last updated on April 28, 2020

Do you wonder about being stuck in yo-yo dieting?

Here’s how to shift your mindset and be free.

The key is seeing where you get stuck.

Most people get stuck in thinking.

To be free of dieting you need to shift to feeling.

But you will run into resistance.

To break through resistance you need to know why resistance is there. Resistance is there because of your past conditioning.

Your past conditioning makes dieting feel good, and confuses your body.

You must shift into the truth.

For more info see this other YouTube video about the 5 steps to get rid of food cravings:…

Or, you can further explore understand what it means when you crave chocolate.

Oh and more thing since you made it all the way down here!

Since you're genuinely motivated to learn and grow I wanted to share with you a FREE Masterclass Series.

It's simply me interviewing a client asking her every question imaginable under the sun. 

This particular client had stopped binge eating after 44 years of struggle, and continued her eating freedom even after getting diagnosed with cancer. 

In this FREE Masterclass you can see behind the scenes and get a real sense for what Eating Enlightenment is all about. 

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