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How to Stop Yo Yo Dieting for Good By Switching Your Strategy From ‘Following The Plan’ To ‘Being’

How to Stop Yo Yo Dieting for Good

Do you wonder about how to stop yo yo dieting for good?

Here’s how to shift your mindset and be free.

The key is seeing where you get stuck.

Most people get stuck in thinking.

To be free of dieting you need to shift to feeling.

But your thoughts about losing weight might stop you.

However, you might be sooo used to having your success based on whether you lose weight or fail to lose weight …

That you have no idea what it means to try and lose weight, without focusing on weight loss.

Does this even make sense?

It’s possible to lose weight without focusing on weight loss.

And yes, this is the biggest enlightenment you can ever have.

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Paradoxically – we should let weight loss go. Instead you should focus on consistently building habits.

How to stop yo yo dieting for good

To break through resistance you need to know why resistance is there.

Resistance is there because of your past conditioning.

Your past conditioning is like growing up and:

  • being told by doctors that you should diet
  • being helped by parents into dieting behaviors

But, you must shift into the truth.

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