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What Does It Mean To Be Intuitive and How To Talk About Intuitive Eating (Podcast)

What Does It Mean To Be Intuitive

Here’s A Post About What Does It Mean To Be Intuitive …

Because many people aren’t sure what it means to be an intuitive eater.

For those people who like intuitive eating, it can be hard to explain what is intuitive eating.

This post reveals what it means to be intuitive and how to talk about it.

I even talked about common ways people Miss understand intuitive eating. For example, someone might say intuitive eating is “too millennial.”

A useful thing to reply is by saying “do you believe in Mind Body link?” This usually starts a pretty decent conversation.

Don’t worry about people who aren’t ready to hear the truth of intuitive eating.

What Does It Mean To Be Intuitive

It can be very difficult to grasp a new mindset, so we need to be understanding and have compassion impatience ourselves to stick to our own personal truth.

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