9 months ago

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Get rid of obsessive food thoughts

I just read this sexy magazine headline by Slimfast while getting groceries earlier today.

“I lost 30 lbs in 3 months and I have never felt better in my life.”

Then there’s a picture of a guy who is packing on a quite few extra pounds.

Of course, there’s also a “before-and-after” picture of apparently the same guy who is noticeably slimmer.

The marketing materials are spot on. Well done Slimfast! You nearly even convinced me to try your Ultra Slim Fast product line!!!

These headlines, magazines and images are all over.
And yet, the science of dieting is in.

The conclusion is that dieting is BAD!!!

So how do you avoid temptations like these?

How do you avoid going down the diet hole spiral of yo yo dieting?

My answer – embrace messy transformation and ignore everything else!
Here’s a quick analogy:
I am starting a business.
Everyday I log onto facebook and see an advertisement from some guy or gal claiming “I made 6 figures in 6 months and I can show you how to do the same!”
For 2 years I tried these things out. I spent thousands of dollars trying to radically grow my business in a short amount of time.
I remember being suspicious, but hopeful, when I bought my first facebook ads course. I tried my absolute best to get results.
But … my intuition was right.
Two years sped by. I kept crossing my fingers that ‘this time would be different’
At the end of two years, where was I?
So I hired a business coach and he set me straight.
Embrace messy transformation.
Embrace touching one heart at a time.
Embrace slow growth, growth that’s real.
And in terms of weight loss, health, and well-being …
Embrace one meal at a time.
Embrace the fact that you emotionally eat and it’s time to grow your psychological mindset and skills to become a new you.
Not a new you by following some plan or diet, no!!!
By walking your personal path of transformation.
If that sounds interesting to you, book a introductory call with me.
Your Enlightened Eating Coach,
Jared Levenson
“Your biggest enlightenment is letting go of weight loss!!”
PS – I haven’t been emailing as much because I have been focused on making videos!
I am trying to make one video a day.
You can go to Youtube or Facebook follow Weight Loss Enlightenment and get my latest content.
But here’s the thing …
I’m not expecting real transformative results (in terms of subscribers and traffic) for several YEARS.
I’m embracing the messy grind.
Like these meetups groups which I’m holding every week, 2x a week.
I’m not expecting this community to grow BIG overnight, no.
One soul at a time.
One video at a time.
One meal at a time.