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Last updated on April 28, 2020

Hi Paul,
We have 2 spots left for Saturday’s April 27th Mindful Eating Event!
Click here to RSVP!
Here’s the event description:
Come over for a Mindful Eating evening with friends.
Dinner will be provided by our hosts, and their lovely dog:)
The evening’s current menu is kale salad, chicken, and fresh bread and of course, dessert! You are welcome to bring something to share too. You can bring your amazing presence, a bite to eat, a poem, a story.
Dinner will be around 7pm. Please arrive as close to 6pm as you can because we’ll be talking about what it means to be an Intuitive Eater / Health At Every Size practitioner.
Before we eat, expect a very short meditation to guide you back into your body and to reconnect you with your hunger. During the meal, expect an encouragement to savor and a moment of pausing sometime before dessert. After the meal, expect a moment of silence to feel fullness and satisfaction levels.
There is given full permission, and encouragement, to get more food if your body wants more food. Remove any fear of overeating or of judgment. It’s okay to get a 2nd or 3rd plate, if that’s what your belly is requesting 🙂
We just want you to tune in, to you.
We are experimenting with group sizes right now, too. Currently we are saying no more than 8 people. So if you RSVP, please book the date in your calendar.
As spots are limited, you must have a ticket to attend.
Please book here.
Your Enlightened Eating Coach/Counselor,
Jared Levenson
PS – I made a facebook video where I talk about the event. You can watch the facebook video here! There’s a registration link in the facebook video description for convenience.

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