11 months ago

How To Get Rid Of Obsessive Thoughts Without Thinking Too Hard Or Complex

How To Stop Thinking About Food

Here is the number one technique to get rid of obsessive food thoughts.

I got this technique from Aimee Epoch at https://NowBodyWellness.com.

Amy used to have an eating disorder but now she has freedom in her life.

For full interview with Aimee, watch this other Youtube video here: https://youtu.be/23YMu0NYNAY

This technique is also found in cognitive behavioral therapy.

The technique is where you bring awareness to a thought and shine light on it.

To shine light on a thought you see if the thought is true.

Get Rid Of Obsessive Thoughts

Example, you might think you are guilty and feel you are guilty when you overeat.

However, if you are not eating then your body will force you to overeat.

This means you have no reason to be guilty as your body is forcing you to overeat.

Here’s another good link too to check out, it’s titled “To End Yo Yo Dieting Just Shift Your Mindset From ‘Doing’ To ‘Being’

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