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Best food what to eat when sad and not hungry

I’m writing this post to cover what to eat when sad and not hungry because my friend is going through a hard time. She’s not eating. Have you ever been there before? I know I have. Heck, I still struggle with bouts of depression. But here’s the basic answer – eat fruit. Don’t like fruit? […]

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What can you do if your child struggles with eating?

Just wanted to share with you a touching interview I most recently had with a parent whose child suffered from bulimia. Steven, aka “Shags”, has seen his daughter go through the ups and downs of treating and eating disorder. From finding vomit stains in the downstairs bathroom … To denial and secrecy… To ineffective treatment options and […]

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How To Stay With A Diet in 3 Steps

How to stick to a diet is impossible if you aren’t thinking the right way. That’s why you must think different. Here’s how you can start to think different – Instead of ‘following’ a diet … You must … play choose create own Your own diet. For more informational resources on this topic, you may […]

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