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Intuitive eating event went well!

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Last updated on April 28, 2020

Our intuitive eating dinner on Saturday was great!
Let me give you a few years of personal backstory:
A long time ago I said ‘no more’.
I skipped my college graduation and left for Tassajara, a zen meditation center.
Tassajara was located in the Ventana Wilderness, near Big Sur.
I stayed there for 13 months and did 3 things:

  • I meditated daily and had ‘insights’
  • I started doing yoga and gradually changing my eating habits
  • I built relationships with people focused on wellbeing
    These are the 3 ingredients for transformation – insight, small steps, and relationships – according to habit professor BJ Fogg at Stanford.
    Before I applied these 3 ingredients of transformation …
    I came into Tassajara binge eating, anxious, depressed and incredibly socially awkward. Wrestling in highschool had given me a beating …
    But after applying these 3 ingredients over 13 months …
    I left only socially awkward. No more binge eating, and whole lot depression/anxiety.
    Pretty good transformation I’ll say 🙂
    In fact, my experience at Tassajara was so profound …
    A deep impression about the power of these 3 ingredients of transformation had been planted deeply in my mind.
    Now back to the present moment:
    Years later I am intrinsically motivated to provide a similar opportunity for this intuitive eating community.
    I am deeply interested in providing opportunities for you to experience these 3 ingredients of transformation.
  • insights into the psychology of happiness and weight loss.
  • small behavior changes that make you feel good
  • nonjudgmental relationships that keep you motivated long-term
    The hardest part to provide is that nonjudgmental relationships that keep you motivated long term.
    I can help you with the other two parts – insights and small behavior changes – but I can’t give you a community of nonjudgmental relationships.
    But …
    There were some amazing people who showed up last night.
    From the hosts (and their lovely dog) who set candles and served some amazing food!
    (Including a blackvelt chocolate tie for dessert)
    To the women and men who showed up and shared their stories and experiences.
    So …
    Perhaps a little community is forming.
    Stay tuned,
    Jared Levenson
    PS – I made a Youtube video where I talk about how the event went as well as these 3 ingredients of transformation. Click here to watch and give a thumbs up if you like!

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