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Common Weight Loss Misconception On How To Train Your Mind To Be Healthy

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Last updated on April 28, 2020

So here’s the question: How to train your mind to be healthy?

This post and video takes a specific approach to this question by asking about psychology.

There are many different training programs and so forth out there. You can easily find someone who can tell you what to eat and how to be healthy.

But let’s say you are interested in learning for yourself.

You want to study your own body and mind to know what your personal nutrition and health is like.

This line of inquiry may bring you to mindfulness or intuitive eating.

You may ask – what’s the difference?

Oftentimes I get this question when I am leading an Intuitive Eating Workshop. Someone will ask me “Oh, Intuitive Eating, that’s mindful eating, correct?

And the answer is …

Sort of.

How To Train Your Mind To Be Healthy

One definition of mindful eating is just paying attention to how you eat food.

If you use this definition, mindful eating is a part of intuitive eating, but not the whole thing. I’d say approximately 10% of this definition of Mindful Eating is part of Intuitive Eating.

The other definition of mindful eating is when you look at the whole cycle of eating as a means to be mindful.

Using the second definition, this mindful eating actually encompasses about 50% of Intuitive Eating.

Here’s another great video about the topic:

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