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Watch out for this dangerous question: How many calories should I burn each day?

do i need to lose weight

How many calories should I burn?


Let me explain two false assumptions:

1) weight is terribly bad
2) weight is an immediate problem

These two assumptions cause you to feel stress. Stress causes you act for short-term results. In the end, you cannot sustainable act on stress so you don’t see long-term results.

Let’s break these assumptions down:

How many calories should I burn?

1) weight is bad

First, weight is bad. But not as bad as you think. Oftentimes you get stuck in your head. If you just got out of your head weight wouldn’t be so much of a problem.

I guarantee you know a woman or guy who is overweight but still living a great life. They are happy. They are dating someone they love and they are a friendly person with lots of energy.

So weight doesn’t have to hold you back from living your life.

Weight can be bad – but not as bad as you think.

2) weight is an immediate problem

This is where you have been lied to. Doctors and the diet industry all promote lies which say:

  • you will get diabetes tomorrow
  • you will have heart attack tomorrow
  • you will die tomorrow

But how long have you been struggling with weight?


You’re still alive.

So weight is not as bad a problem as you may make it out to be, and weight is not going to kill you.

So ….

Do you need to lose weight?


You don’t NEED to lose weight.

Asking that question just leads to more stress!!!

Here is a great video that talks more about this phenomenon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrNbMAl7rnY

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