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Men Versus Women: Exactly How many calories are you supposed to eat each day?

How Many Cals Do I Need To Eat As A Man Or Woman?

How many calories are you supposed to eat each day

Is the wrong question.

When you think in terms of PER DAY …

You don’t tap into your body’s natural power to regulate.

Your body wasn’t designed to eat exactly the same amount of food every day!!!

No, your body was designed to fluctuate.

Some days you eat more, some days you eat less.

The other reason calorie counting fails on a PER DAY basis is because you go over some days …

And when you go over …

You think you’re a failure. This belief you failed leads to the ‘what-the’hell’ effect.

How many calories are you supposed to eat each day

This effect is where you say ‘what-the’hell’ and overeat …

Based on the assumption that you’ll be GOOD the next day!

But then another day comes when you’re BAD, and you end up never losing weight sustain-ably.

So the key is to drop the 24 hour time period.

Realize your body will indeed take care of itself – if you listen to it.

Here is another video about a faulty question … “Do I need to lose weight?”

No! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2h65v948HE

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