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From horrible eating disorder to peace of mind

Get rid of obsessive food thoughts

Are you wondering what the nitty-gritty of an eating disorder looks like?
Ever wonder if you have things bad or are different somehow?
Aimie, in this powerful interview I had with her on Youtube, shares her transformation story:

  • from hating and fearful of foods to allowing herself to eat bagels
  • from being horribly self-conscious and paranoid to taking a risk and now living in Ireland
  • from underweight and malnourished to returning to natural set point
    In this interview Aimie brings up these three ingredients of transformation that I love!
    People, insights, and small steps.
    For example:
  • Aimie surrounded herself people: with a nutritionist, therapist and great friends who she told about her struggles with food
  • Aimie started having insights by realizing her thoughts were lying to her! This was a powerful insight. For example, Aimee realized that her main motivation to exercise was to change her appearance … and this was causing her to hate her body!
  • Aimie started taking small steps by embracing a mindset of ‘progress, not perfection’ and listening to her hunger and doing her best to respect it.
    You can click here to watch the full episode… it has a ton in it.
    Aimie goes into a lot of detail about her struggles … (so beware)
    Take some notes. Get inspired.
    Watch Aimie and I’s interview here.
    Your Eating Coach,
    Jared Levenson
    PS – Aimie talks about her #1 sign of disordered eating, which is to her, a preoccupation with food. Like where you can’t stop thinking about food. What do you think? Agree or disagree? Reply to let me know your thoughts.
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