9 months ago

Alert: How Many Cals Do I Need To Eat As A Man Or Woman? This Common Question Has Faulty Logic!

How Many Cals Do I Need To Eat

How many cals do I need to eat, as a man or woman?

Is the wrong question.

When you think in terms of PER DAY …

You don’t tap into your body’s natural power to regulate.

Your body wasn’t designed to eat exactly the same amount of food every day!!!

How Many Cals Do I Need To Eat

No, your body was designed to fluctuate.

Some days you eat more, some days you eat less.

The other reason calorie counting fails on a PER DAY basis is because you go over some days …

And when you go over …

You think you’re a failure. This belief you failed leads to the ‘what-the’hell’ effect.

This effect is where you say ‘what-the’hell’ and overeat …

Based on the assumption that you’ll be GOOD the next day!

But then another day comes when you’re BAD, and you end up never losing weight sustain-ably.

So the key is to drop the 24 hour time period.

Realize your body will indeed take care of itself – if you listen to it.

Here is another video about a faulty question … “Do I need to lose weight?”

No! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2h65v948HE

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