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Please Consider Why Is It Important To Be Healthy As You Start Eating Disorder Treatment

The Importance of Eating Healthy

“Why Is It Important To Be Healthy?”

The importance of eating healthy and exercising for eating disorder treatment is incredibly important.

I’m a Santa Clara based Eating Disorder expert and no matter how many advanced concepts I teach …

They all work well when the person I’m working with is …

Taking their MEDS daily.

No, not medicine in pill form.

I’m talking about :

M – Meditation
E – Exercise
D – Diet
S – Sleep

Why Is It Important To Be Healthy

Now, admittedly I usually work with people to help them eat better.

So when I work with clients I don’t always ask for people to commit to Diet.

However, I do ask people that as long as they are working with me …

They commit to some movement, some meditation, and some extra sleep each day.

By doing these 4 activities, all the ‘advanced’ trainings of Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size naturally work.

However, without some self-care, none of these practices work.

These are the foundation for eating disorder treatment to occur.

Here is another article to read which talks about the importance of letting go of calorie counting:

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