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How To Stop Being An Emotional Eater By Removing Hidden Obstacles In Your Way

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Last updated on April 28, 2020

How to stop being an emotional eater? I’m a San Jose Eating Disorder coach and this post will tell you how.

To recap the first video quickly:

  1. You need to identify your emotional needs
  2. You need to fulfill your emotional needs

This video deals with the hidden obstacles that prevent people from fulfilling their emotional needs.

How to stop being an emotional eater

The hidden obstacle is known as Emotional Judgment.

An Emotional Judgment is where you condemn your own emotions somehow.

For example, an Emotional Judgment occurs in the following situations:

  • when you don’t think your emotions are important
  • when you don’t let yourself get angry
  • when you use anger and complaining to get attention
  • when you smile even though you are sad
  • when you devalue your emotions
  • when you dismiss sadness
  • when you don’t trust your emotions
  • when you try to think instead of feel

All these are judgments that you may have around your emotions.

These judgments will prevent you from fulfilling your emotional needs.

To get over these judgments, you must identify them!!!

Just think about any of the primary emotions such as shame, fear, anger, sadness, or guilt.

Then think of a situation when these emotions came up.

Then pause and think, is it OK for this negative emotion to
a) be allowed in my body and mind?
b) allowed to be talked about?

Usually you can identify the judgment when you realize that
a) you aren’t allowing the emotion in your body/mind
b) you aren’t allowed to release the emotion in a relationship

If you want to learn about not feeling guilty whenever you make a mistake, visit this video here:

Now, I am a San Jose based Eating Disorder Treatment specialist.

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