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Be Careful Asking “how many calories are you supposed to eat a day?”

How Many Cals Do I Need To Eat

How many calories are you supposed to eat a day? It’s a great question and the topic I am tackling today as a San Jose eating disorder counselor.

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Now, this question might seem like an innocent question.

I used to work as a personal trainer. I would tell people to use this calorie calculator to measure their calories.

(This was before I did a 180 and completely changed my eating philosophy)

But people would tell me they either:

  • Got too bored of calorie counting
  • They found it too tedious
  • or they would try to log at the end of the day but forget what they would eat

How many calories are you supposed to eat a day?

As I kept seeing people report these horrible results, I started questioning my eating philosophy.

I discovered that the very premise of the question “How Many Calories Are You Supposed To Have A Day?” assumes you are fundamentally flawed.

That you need to measure and control your food.

Why do you need to measure and control your food? Because your body doesn’t work.

That’s the assumption.

Whenever you have a faulty assumption, you will get faulty results.

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