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Meetup Announcement for Today 5-13 5:45pm

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Last updated on April 28, 2020

People with anorexia nervosa often come from families that …

Make them believe they aren’t worthy of love.

To see the other video I made here about disordered eating/emotional eating, click here:

Hi there Meetup friend 🙂

Jared here – I love teaching the basic principles to Cure Binge Eating.

There’s a meetup tonight at 5:45pm I’m hosting at Northside Library.

Not so long ago I struggled with bad eating habits and really bad self-worth. I would kidding you if I said I didn’t still struggle today.

But pain can be a good teacher and I look forward to facilitating:

    – training to reduce binge & emotional eating
    – case studies and videos of women who have overcome eating struggles
    – interacting with you and holding safe space

I also made a training video about some of the information I’ll cover tonight. You can see this video I made TODAY here on Youtube:

See you soon – Jared Levenson (

You may also visit my South Bay Binge & Eating Disorder Treatment website at

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