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People With Anorexia Nervosa Often Come From Families That Do THIS

People With Anorexia Nervosa Often Come From Families That Do THIS (San Jose Eating Disorder)

People with anorexia nervosa often come from families that …


The key word here is somehow. Anorexia can come from well-adjust families. It hits people from all income levels.

You might think that only abusive parents’ children get anorexia, but you’re dead wrong. I’ve met lovely parents who cannot wrap their minds around the depth of their child’s despair.

Sometimes I struggle too understand where the powerful voice of anorexia comes from too.

No doubt anorexia is vastly influenced by culture as well. Dieting certainly doesn’t help.

Yet nonetheless, without assigning blame or guilt, we do have to take a look at family dynamics. For example, one father was able to become an even better father (he was a good one already) by realizing that somehow he was with holding love.

You can see my interview here with this father whose daughter got anorexia, survived, and healed, and now is thriving.

1- Somehow Withhold Love – Somehow, even unintentionally, make the child believe they aren’t worthy of love. This could be tying love to getting good grades, compliant behavior, or meeting parent’s emotional needs.

2 – Somehow Restrict Food – off-hand comments about body appearance and shame young children into thinking they need to be skinnier. These can come in context of ‘caring’ about health.

3 – Somehow Judge Without Empathy – we all judge. It’s natural. The problem occurs when support is not offered after a judgment. For example, a parent might innocently say child’s grades aren’t good enough. It might seem obvious from the parent’s perspective that the child simply needs to study more. Yet this only engenders a feeling of helplessness. It’s this helpness, as children don’t readily understand solutions, that can be the breeding ground for insecurity and the voice of anorexia to take hold.

To see the other video I made here about disordered eating/emotional eating, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xx6YvJ2ggwQ

The vast majority of people who have an eating disorder come from a familial pattern.

The familial patterns can vary.

You may come from abuse in all its forms – psychological, emotional, physical, financial, etc

stories from intuitive eating workshop

People with anorexia nervosa often come from families that …

Here is my other video about this topic: https://youtu.be/Lj9zFaq7AjE

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