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Therapist Lists His Top Reason Explaining The Mystery Of Why Do People Have Eating Disorders

People With Anorexia Nervosa Often Come From Families That Do THIS

Why Do People Have Eating Disorders?

It’s a great question, one that I am trying my best as a San Jose Eating Disorder counselor to tackle.

The simple answer is that families are part of a culture whereby unintentionally a combination of familial and cultural factors, make them believe they aren’t worthy of love.

To see the other video I made here about disordered eating/emotional eating, click here:

The vast majority of people who have an eating disorder come from a familial pattern.

The familial patterns can vary.

You may come from abuse in all its forms – psychological, emotional, physical, financial, etc

why do diets fail

Why Do People Have Eating Disorders?

I also did a specific article on this topic which you can view here:

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