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How Do I know If I Have An Eating Disorder? Major Warning Signs According To San Jose Eating Disorder Therapist

How To Tell If You Have An Eating Disorder

How do I know if I have an eating disorder? 7 Behaviors and 4 Signs from your San Jose Eating Disorder Therapist.

There are 7 common behaviors and 4 common psychological-emotional signs that are tell-tale clues of disordered eating.

If you are able to spot these signs in your self or a loved one, the key is to not judge yourself or speak as though this is a terrible problem.

Paradoxically, we are less likely to seek or accept help if we see ourselves facing a terrible problem.

Instead what you want to do is normalize.

Say to yourself or loved one that many people have this disorder and that we live in a culture that promotes disordered eating habits.

It doesn’t mean you screwed up or that you’re a bad parent.

It doesn’t mean things are hopeless either.

Millions of people have recovered from secrecy, shame, guilt and despair.

You or your loved one can too.

How do I know if I have an eating disorder?

Here is quick quiz by National Eating Disorders Association to determine if you have eating disorder:

Here is article where I researched these 7 Behaviors and 4 Signs:

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