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Top Reason Why People Binge Eat and The Key To Binge Eating Disorder Treatment

Top Reason Why People Binge Eat and The Key To Treatment (San Jose Eating Disorder) (Video)

The top reason why people binge eat is because they are thinking. These are my thoughts as a San Jose Eating Disorder Treatment specialist.

So the key to beating binge eating is literally to not think.

Normally we are constantly thinking about food.

We measure calories.

We journal.

We read labels.

But we are not feeling.

We are ONLY thinking.

Thinking is disconnecting us from our body. It’s preventing us from listening to our body.

food cravings

Why people binge eat

You may want to try feeling your heartrate in order to see what I mean.

Can you? Let me know. Leave a comment.

Here is another video about connecting to your body:

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