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Learn How To Not Binge Eat By Increasing Your Understanding of 4 Powerful Factors

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Last updated on April 28, 2020

How to not binge eat is great topic.

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For 2 additional steps on ending emotional eating, see this video I made here:

Binge eating makes you feel crazy and out of control.

However there are 4 factors which lead up to binge eating.

Knowing these factors can help you understand why you feel so chaotic around food.

These 4 factors are:

  1. physical
  2. cognitive
  3. emotional
  4. self care

Physical is where you are either under eating or not eating frequently enough. Too much time goes by before you eat or you don’t eat enough.

Cognitive is where you have strict rules. These strict rules are pass-fail meaning that when you fail you give your self permission to go all out, as you’ve failed that day and can make up ground the next day.

However, these failures often lead to regaining all the weight you lost.

By identifying your rigid food rules, you can then take less extreme views and avoid the failures.

The emotional part is handling your emotions without only using food.

You can use food to manage emotions, it’s ok. However, the danger is only using foods.

You can learn skills to manage your emotions better.

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