9 months ago

4 keys to unlock binge eating freedom

Get rid of obsessive food thoughts

There are 4 keys to unlock freedom from binge eating.

1. Physical – beat deprivation and stress-hunger

2. Mental – release rigid rules

3. Emotional – improve your mindfulness for enhanced stress tolerance

4. Nurture – heal & rejuvenate 

Now you might be thinking … “what about willpower?”

Defeating binge eating is NOT about willpower. Relying on your willpower 100% guarantees you will regain weight and think it’s 100% your fault. 

Instead you must train your intuition while experimenting with basic nutritional principles.

I made a video about how you can use these 4 keys to reduce binge eating here.

Do you ever wonder why you diet and regain weight, again and again?

And then resent yourself for failing?

It’s not your fault. Seriously.

That’s what happens when you rely on willpower.

Common sense advice says JUST DO IT. Common sense is simple. Too simple.

Click Here to watch this video because I know you want to learn skills and mindsets to stop binge eating. 

Your Enlightened Eating Weight Loss Coach,

Jared Levenson

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