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How To Respond To Negativity Criticism and Body Shame Without Getting Upset and Making Things Worse

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Last updated on July 11, 2020

How to respond to negativity is a touchy topic because so much instinctual hatred can occur.

You can be having a great day and then BAM! All of a sudden …

An unwanted comment, a harsh remark, an unfair situation, a ticked off person, you name it.

For me personally, I just received my first negative receive.

This negative review has a kernal of truth of in it, so that’s why I am publically addressing the negative review.

I also hope to model how to handle criticism in the future for you by showing how I personally handle unfair criticism.

How to respond to negativity

The video I talked about addressing a sub-topic of criticism is here.

This is where I talk about Brene Brown’s work about vulnerability.

Vulnerability is the key to embrace, even though it’s difficult, when you receive unfair criticism and negativity:

For another article on how to handle negativity, you can read here:

Now, this negative did have a kernal of truth.

The negative review said I promoted too much, which I agree with. So I am going to cut back on promoting and really just try to add value.

how to stop thinking about food

I also address in the video how to handle criticism.

First, by not getting defensive, and by most importantly, waiting for time to go by.

Then, you can start off with a positive remark and give very specific feedback.

The key to handling a negative remark is to not get flustered or defensive, which only makes things worse.

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