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What can you do if your child struggles with eating?

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Last updated on April 28, 2020

Just wanted to share with you a touching interview I most recently had with a parent whose child suffered from bulimia.

Steven, aka “Shags”, has seen his daughter go through the ups and downs of treating and eating disorder.

From finding vomit stains in the downstairs bathroom …

To denial and secrecy…

To ineffective treatment options and finally, to transformation & healing…

Shags has a ton of personal wisdom he shares in our conversation.

Good news – his daughter is psychologically healthy nowadays, owns a health-food restaurant, and no longer is beaten by the pressures that come along with pursuing an acting career!

For me personally, I think the most important message from our conversation is to not blame yourself if you have a child who struggles with food. This is one of my core messages – have compassion towards shame.

Other lessons from our conversation include:

– There are signs you can spot (if you aren’t in denial)

– There are things you can do

– There are ways you can change how you communicate

– Which treatment options worked and which ones didn’t and why

Even if you don’t have a child who has an eating disorder, you can listen to this conversation to get firsthand understanding of a taboo topic that needs to be talked about more.

You can watch our conversation on my Youtube Channel here, or listen on iTunes here.

Please share with me how this video touched you and/or your takeaways!

Wishing you the best,

Your Enlightened Weight Loss Coach,
Jared Levenson

PS – Shags also is one of the most qualified financial advisers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. His whole career has been in finance and accounting. Nowadays Shags is helping people with money addiction, compulsive spending and other issues that have been shown to be related to eating problems. His website is here at

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