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how to get rid of junk food cravings Best Mindset – “You Mind As Well Enjoy It” (Podcast)

Summary: This is the new slogan for my entire philosophy. “You mind as well enjoy it.” This phrase is the best way on how to deal with cravings. Here is another video of mind on cravings too about How To Stop Craving Food When Not Hungry By Understanding And Curing Emotional Food Deprivation … […]

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So You Were Publicly Shamed … Now What? Be Body Positivity Without Falling For Body Shaming With Linda Tucker

Eloquent words on the topic of “so you were publicly shamed …” It’s our job, it’s our responsibility, it’s our compassionate choice, a kind choice to meet those diet thoughts and then say, I no longer choose to participate with that. Linda Tucker So excited to share with you! Why so epic? My conversation with […]

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Exclusive Interview: New ‘Eating Food’ Yoga For Weight Loss Beginners Program Details with Jared

Discussing Yoga For Weight Loss Beginners Program Interview: It wasn’t too long ago I met Tony at Toastmasters. I heard Tony give a speech about fasting, mindfulness and weight loss. And since I’m a huge fan of mindfulness and weight loss … I became immediately intrigued. We started talking and then we interviewed each other, […]

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