Stop stress eating – Video, Event, and Worksheet

Here’s an in-depth ‘nontraditional’ video on stress relief training.

By nontraditional I mean going beyond the normal strategies to relieve stress like meditate, take a bath, walk your dog, etc.

I’d been working with a woman and we had determined that stress/emotional eating was one of the core problems …

But she was stuck between a rock and hard place. She didn’t have any time to do the ‘traditional’ strategies for self-care.

Plus, when we got honest about it … she felt like the normal strategies weren’t that effective either.

So in this video training here (and there’s a worksheet too at bottom of video) I share my mindset on how to save time for stress relief and actually get effective solutions.

I’ll share with you in this email the big picture and if you want to go into the nitty gritty you can watch the video.

(I’m also hosting a free event tomorrow about stress/compulsive eating, more info below

Taking small breaks during the day to manage and relieve stress will actually boost your productivity long term.

So taking a few 1-10 minute breaks DAILY will mean you’re more productive.

So this means no excuses to not take care of yourself EACH DAY DURING THE DAY. Sorry for the caps, but it’s important.

We humans are NOT meant to accumulate stress over 5 working days and then get rid of all that stress over the weekend.

While you may be more productive in the short term by not taking breaks, your brain and body will force you to take breaks in the form of stress eating. 

How much time does stress eating take you? 1+ hours surely? That’s the time your brain is forcing you to take to stop thinking because you didn’t pause and take care of yourself earlier on in the day.

I know this is an uncommon strategy, you probably won’t find your coworkers taking 10 minute walks, but hey, doing uncommon things is what weight loss enlightenment is all about. 

Now this is not the same thing as a vacation. 

You save time with this strategy but then in order to be effective, you must practice!

Basically, you have to shift towards a ‘practice’ mentality towards regular everyday stress.

Taking 1-10 minute stress relief breaks is not going to totally reduce all your stress. 

You have to practice daily for it to become truly effective. I talk about this mentality more in the video.

Ok – that’s it! Go watch video for more in-depth info.

Your Eating Counselor,

Jared Levenson

PS – I’m hosting my free workshop at 1pm this Saturday and covering the topic of stress eating in more depth. I’d love to see you there. Click here to see the Meetup group and RSVP


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