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3 Ways To Stop The Urge To Eat or Binge

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Last updated on July 11, 2020

There are numerous individuals under stress requesting how stop the urge to eat at work.

It doesn’t help your endeavors when Google advantageously puts pleasant, crisp macaroni and pizza a couple of feet from you.

In this post we’ll cover 3 stages to on how to stop the urge to eat at work, most pertinently if you’re in the Bay Area.

  1. Honor Your Hunger
  2. Defeat Cognitive Distortions
  3. Enjoy Your Food

How Stop The Urge To Eat At Work

Stress eating, is well, stressful.

I’ve worked with a handful immigrant tech workers, usually from India, who are incredibly surprised about how much weight they gain once they start working at tech companies in the Bay Area.

The story is common.

Back in India (or wherever really but most of my experience is with Indian culture) they didn’t really think about food.

Food wasn’t an issue.

overcome body shame
These days it’s best just to adopt the mindset that you are going to have learn skills in order to maintain a balanced relationship with food. And the picture above shows some of these skills.

Do you recall those occasions when sustenance wasn’t an issue?

At that point in America, where there is an excess of nourishment, you see yourself picking up 20-30 lbs for every year.

What the hell?!

What’s happening?!

You know there is an issue going on, and your circumstance is much more dreadful in light of the fact that your fantastically worried about keeping your activity, visa status, language, making companions, fitting in, and so on.

Besides, let’s face it here…

We’re not even tallying the large number of individuals who can’t stop pressure eating at work.

Basically in light of the fact that Silicon Valley and present day life in the city is …


So this means stress eating is very normal.

1st Step To Overcome Stress Eating

Honor your hunger.

This is something I’ve talked about before.

Honoring your hunger is the 2nd Step in the Intuitive Eating framework I was trained in while getting my Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology at Santa Clara University.

If you are letting 5 or more hours go by without eating, you will not be able to stop yourself from overeating.

So you need to feed yourself.

So many times workers in the Bay Area get so busy with work they forget to eat.

You need to break free of this mindset and embrace the fact that you need to either bring food with you to work, or get some meal breaks during work.

There’s a great article that I wrote about hunger, titled “How Your Hunger Heals Food Fear with Santa Clara Eating Disorder Therapist”

2nd Step To Stop Stress Eating At Work

You must defeat your cognitive distortions!

Let’s examine the picture below:

how to resist the urge to eat

This is truly commonplace.

Something awful occurs. You get focused. You eat.

To begin with, recall – you should not be starving.

You can’t be starving. Generally stage 2 doesn’t work if you’re hungry.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are bolstering yourself consistently with food and honoring your hunger, at that point you can beat subjective mutilations of your mind.

In this model, you may think:

“Goodness my god my supervisor is going to fire me. I will need to return to India and my entire family will be baffled. I’ll need to work at a café and hate the mind-blowing remainder of my life. I am miserable and will be miserable forever.”

The initial step is to record your considerations. Every one of them. Every. Single Thought!

At that point start you can begin to scrutinize the reality of your contemplations.

Has your supervisor hollered at you previously? Assuming this is the case, will he/she fire you in coming days?

Would you be able to address your slip-up?

Did you at any point commit an error? Is it conceivable your manager is out of line?

By scrutinizing your musings you will almost certainly observe that a large portion of them depend on doomsday future situations.

For additional top to bottom data about this sort of restorative strategy, check out my article here on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

3rd Means To Stop Pressure Eating

And lastly …

Eat carefully!

Make the most of your sustenance.

On the off chance that you are wolfing nourishment down, you aren’t getting a charge out of it.

On the off chance that you are diverted, you aren’t making the most of your sustenance.

So back off, and make the most of your sustenance.

Delay and notice your feelings.

(ultimately, an incredible article on the best way to interrupt and feel your feelings, composed by “7 Strategies Emotionally Intelligent People Use to Keep Their Feelings Under Control”)

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