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Oh-Why Oh-Why Am I Craving Sweets All Of A Sudden And Losing Control Yet Again?

Why Am I Craving Sweets All Of A Sudden?

He continued telling his story …

“I just walked parked and had no sweet tooth. Yet then I saw an image of a “Philly Cheesesteak!”

“The weird thing is … I don’t even want the Philly Cheesesteak, but Cheesesteak sounds like Cheesecake and all I want is Cheesecake now!!!!”

True story. Just happened this weekend at the Stop Binge and Emotional Eating Free workhop.

And by the end of the workshop, simple but valuable information had been conveyed:

  • How to tell the difference between cravings and hunger
  • Simple trick of thinking “head” hunger versus “belly” hunger
  • Why listening to your hunger is like becoming a music conductor
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What Does It Mean When You Crave Salty Foods?

There are many reasons you are cravings sweets all of a sudden.

But the key is to realize “suddenly”.

Cravings can arise almost instantaneously. When cravings arise instantaneously, cravings can feel like hunger.

Many people get confused. They feel a craving and think they are hungry.

Many times this confusion leads to feeling bloated, uncomfortably full, and guilty.

So how do you tell the difference between Real Hunger versus Cravings (or False Hunger)?

Well, one key indicator is thinking about how quickly you got ‘hungry’.

If you got hungry instantly, this is a sign you’re experiencing false hunger, or a craving.

You might have seen a billboard with the image of a twinkie and now you just want a twinkie.

Maybe you are like my friend, who saw an image of something, but then got triggered into wanting something else.

Whatever the case is …

A really important sign is noticing how quickly you became hungry.

Why am I craving sweets all of a sudden? In South Bay Area

The simple advice I gave was …

Where is your hunger coming from? Your head or your belly?

The man who was craving Cheesecake put his hands up to his head.

“All around here,” he said, “I am seeing images of cheesecake and I can even smell and taste the cheesecake. It’s all I can think of right now!”

I told him this is a classic example of “head” hunger.

This is where you are experiencing the feelings, sensations, images, etc of “hunger” in your head.

It feels like hunger.


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It’s not.

Tis’ false hunger. You are feeling a craving disguised as hunger. It’s not real.

If you ‘follow’ this sign of hunger you’ll regret it. You’ll end up feeling guilty or eating too much.

Especially if this ‘head hunger’ came on instantly.

If you are curious for more info, you can check out this great article by SkinnyFitalicious here.

I also meetups in the south bay area which you can find here (South Bay Area Meetups).

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Musical Cravings and Hunger – Why am I craving sweets all of a sudden?

I asked him to feel his belly hunger, to see if there was any.

He said he couldn’t tell.

He wasn’t sure if he was hungry, full, or in between.

So I said, that’s okay.

You are learning to listen to your belly. Eventually you will be able to discern different ‘sounds of hunger.’

Like a music conductor.

A music conductor can hear all the instruments playing. The clarinets, even the soft flutes.

The analogy to hunger is that you will be able to hear the ‘gentle’ sounds of hunger.

Not just the loud sounds of ‘bloated’ or ‘starving’.

Podcast: Why Am I Craving Sweets All Of A Sudden And Losing Control Yet Again?


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