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Here’s The Most Important Reason Why I Decided To Switch My Channel Name From Weight Loss To Eating

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Last updated on April 28, 2020

Sometimes Simple Is Better

Weight loss to eating

Why I Changed Name From Weight Loss Enlightenment To Eating Enlightenment:

The gist of this name change boils down to …

I’m not promoting weight loss. And the first impression people have of Weight Loss Enlightenment is always about weight loss.

So rather than having to re-explain all the time … “No, Weight Loss Enlightenment is about letting go of ‘weight loss’ and focusing on eating instead of weight loss.”

Now I just get to say the focus is on eating 🙂

1. This Time Is Different. Release Inner Dieting Voice. Embrace Growth Mindset.

2. Habits Greater Than Willpower. You Habitually Binge Eat For Good Reasons. Do You Really Know Why? Know Your Emotional Needs. Know Your True Rewards.

3. Learn Your Body’s Language. Master Eating Skills. Hunger and Fullness Are Skills You Can Learn. You Can Learn To Trust Your Body If You Actually Listen To Your Body.

4. Start Off With Flexible Meal Plan. No Calorie Counting. No Perfectionism. Realize Food Is Nourishment. You Need To Fuel Your Body. What Feels Good To You?

5. Let Go Of Food Rules. Food Should Give You Zero Emotional Reaction No Matter What You Eat. You Are Free To Eat Anything! This Sounds Scary But You Will Be Safe

On creating insights, mindfulness and wisdom around eating 🙂

It just flows better. Let me know your thoughts!

unconditional eating

From Weight Loss To Eating Commentary:

Ok, I have been listening.

After much confusion, I am ready to switch the name of my website from Weight Loss Enlightenment to Eating Enlightenment!

Why Eating, instead of Weight Loss?

It’s simpler.

Originally some of my intention for Weight Loss was simply a marketing ploy.

Yes, I’ll be honest.

The gut reason was that Weight Loss Enlightenment was an Enlightenment from Weight Loss.

And that ‘weight loss’ happened to be a top-of-mind phrase that everybody knew and was familiar with was icing on the cake.

I remember driving one day in my car when the phrase Weight Loss Enlightenment came to me!

Yet, I had just gotten done keyword researching possible website names …

I wanted weight loss in the name because there are tons of people searching for weight loss.

So I thought that everyone who is searching for weight loss needs to hear the message – that weight loss doesn’t work!

binge eating

At least, weight loss as currently done 99% of the time – aka, dieting – doesn’t work.

I was thinking that attract some people from weight loss, and then get them to change their minds about weight loss.

However, this wasn’t working. That’s ultimately why I went from weight loss to eating.

Professionals in the Intuitive Eating and binge eating space were affronted by my name.

Not all of them, but a significant amount, after I emailed them asking for a interview or a guest post, said that my name promoted weight loss.

I then would explain … no … this is enlightenment from weight loss …

But honestly … ‘enlightenment from weight loss’ sounds pretty lame too.

I made a classic business mistake.

Thinking something made sense in my own mind but then in terms of first impression, made the wrong impression.

I thought of this name before I started in official Intuitive Eating certification journey as well.

Because it was the comments from people in Intuitive Eating, and later on, comments from the broader eating community, that made me realize I had to switch the name.

For a while I just thought Intuitive Eating was sort of being … snobbish? Or rather, culty. I should say. But after hearing from regular binge eating doctors and therapists who also said the name weight loss enlightenment seemed like I was promoting weight loss, I had to change.

get over an obsession
This was another variation I played around with.

I admit. Oh, I dragged my heels.

I thought that weight loss enlightenment wouldn’t make a difference to the customer.

That in fact, because I was getting resistance from professions, but not customers, that customers might even like my brand even more.

To this day, no customer or potential client has said I should change from weight loss enlightenment.

Yet, I still changed from weight loss to eating enlightenment, why?

Because of linguistics.

If you’re curious about the linguistic history of Enlightenment, which is actually pretty fascinating, you can read this Wikipedia page here.

When someone asks me about the name, it’s a confusing negative.

Freedom from weight loss.

Yet in most people’s minds, weight loss is a good thing.

So I’m not promoting weight loss, I’m promoting freedom from weight loss which isn’t the same thing.

It’s like freedom from sunny skies. Don’t we want sunny skies? We don’t want to be free of something that we think is good, correct?

And then people would ask about weight loss.

lose weight fast

And I’d start to explain the paradox.

That by giving up weight loss, you actually lose weight once you start focusing on your eating and having eating enlightenments.

So essentially, the name weight loss enlightenment became really convoluted.

And now that’s in the past.

It’s Eating Enlightenment now. From Weight Loss To Eating.

And I love this new phrase!

It’s positive.

I know what we’re talking about.

I’ve gotten great feedback from eating professionals and they all love it.

Plus, it gets to the point.

We’re having insights and wisdom and mindfulness around eating.

And a big insight revolves around sugar, for most people…

Here’s a post titled “Is Your Food Addiction Definition Wrong? 3 Scientific Factors Why Sugar Actually Isn’t Addicting

And perhaps the biggest insight of all – getting emotional freedom around food, unconditional eating, aka yes, you can have brownies and cake and it’s good for you …

This leap of faith.

This radical new thinking.

This is the new name! From Weight Loss To Eating

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