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3 Ways How The Food Industry Influences Nutrition and Health Plus What You Should Do About It

Have you ever wondered about the conflicting scientific health information about there? How The Food Industry Influences Nutrition and Health?

“Eat 6 meals a day,” research says. But then another study says, “No, only 3 meals per day!”

“Eat breakfast.” says one. “No skip breakfast and do intermittent fasting instead!” says another.

What gives? Each study is backed by ‘science’ so how can there be such conflict?

In this video I describe 3 ways how the food industry influences nutrition and health:

  1. Financial Incentives to sell product for profits to please shareholders
  2. Sponsoring of ‘scientific’ research which facilitates making dubious claims to support sales of food products
  3. Outright deceptive marketing

How The Food Industry Influences Nutrition and Health Commentary:

There is incredible confusion nowadays about the food industry.

It seems like everyday there is another piece of the health puzzle that gets revealed.

Eggs are good? Or eggs are bad? One day you hear research saying eggs are bad …

The next day you hear research saying that eggs are good.

What gives?

This is an in-depth, so for more information, you can read the book ‘Food Politics’ by Marion Nestle. Here’s an affiliate link, thank you for any support.

I’ve read it myself and it’s very informative. However, it’s a deep read looking at the intricacies of political payoffs and can be a bit dense. So be warned.

For another video on this topic, you can check out one I made titled ‘Surprising Keto Weight Loss Advice For Beginners From Dieting Woman Who Tried Intuitive Eating’.

What’s the gist of these videos here? How does this relate to learning How The Food Industry Influences Nutrition and Health?

Eating Enlightenment

Well …

It comes down to Eating Enlightenment!

Enlightenment is doing something crazy. Something that mainstream isn’t doing. Something that may feel weird.

In this case here, the Eating Enlightenment refers to listening to your body instead of blindly following all this health advice out there.

Here’s an example – if you eat protein, your body will burn a few extra calories to burn that protein.

Let’s say you eat 100 calories of protein. You then burn approximately 10 calories digesting the protein.

A scientist or dietitian might tell you “eat protein makes your body work harder, so eat more protein”

However, if you were already getting enough protein in your diet, this advice might adversely effect you.

And this is just one example.

There are literally thousands of other techniques, tips, secrets, studies and case studies that are presenting conflicting viewpoints …

Or cherry picking data that is convenient …

Heck, I am doing this too!

But the difference between me and others, is that I am telling you first and foremost to listen to your body.

This is why learning How The Food Industry Influences Nutrition and Health is so difficult. Everyone is saying their right!

Do you ever hear a diet or dietitian tell you that?

Of course not.

They believe certain foods are good for you and certain foods are bad.

Of course, if you talk to another food specialist they’ll tell you a different list of foods are good and a different list of foods are bad.

And they’ll both speak with the same amount of conviction.

So how are you to believe?

Well …

Here’s the Enlightenment!

You have to stop believing them!

I made this video to show the economic pressures behind much of the science of the health industry.

It’s one thing for me to say ‘don’t believe your nutritionist’ and it’s another thing for me to say why.

These 3 reasons are meant to help you first and foremost, treat your body with respect and for you to really start paying attention to your body first and foremost.

I’m not saying don’t see a nutritionist or see a doctor or anything like that …

But listening to their advice without second guessing, without seeing the context, the food industry system in which the doctors are a part of …

Is foolish.

When you start to see how all these conflicting informations are done in the name of selling more food products, then you can start to stand up for yourself.

You can start to say to yourself …

“You know what, I’m going to try this out for myself, I’m going to test things out and see. I am going to try this out and see how my body reacts. I’ll listen to you, but I won’t follow you blindly. And I’ll be willing to chance my behavior if my body doesn’t like this.”

When you have this mentality, you get the power back.

And you start to see through all the marketing tricks that the food industry throws at you. You’ll start to see exactly How The Food Industry Influences Nutrition and Health.

That’s when you really start being able to think and feel for yourself …

It’s exciting as you think and feel for yourself …

This is where long-term behavior change happens.

This is where you discover food truths for yourself.

You can also visit Marion’s Food Politics website yourself here.

Or, you can check out my other article titled ‘ Here’s The Best Mindset How To Deal With Cravings. Warning: Controversial

Not because some doctor or trainer or nutritionist told you what to eat, but because you listen, tried, experimented, practiced, tried again, reflected and learned.

And with this mindset, you can transform long-term, instead of just losing weight only to gain it back again.

Let me know your thoughts!


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