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Why Am I Eating So Much All Of A Sudden, I Just Ate An Hour Ago!

Why Am I Eating So Much All Of A Sudden?

Why Am I Eating So Much All Of A Sudden? Has My Belly Gone Nuts Or What?!

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Have you ever felt confused after you ate a meal but very quickly afterwards you were hungry again?

I have a simple solution for you.

You are thinking in terms of a 24-hour time period, and not reflecting about your food intake over the last few days.

By this I mean you haven’t eaten enough over the past few days.

Or, maybe you exercised intensely during one day like you went on a 10 mi hike, but you didn’t replenish your body with enough food afterwards.

Or, as what often happens, you are under a deadline. You have a project due at work or some other event coming up and it’s very stressful on you.

And while you are stressing about this project or deadline, your stomach is shutting down.

When you’re stressed, the blood in your stomach goes to your extremities, or your limbs, and this makes hunger harder to feel.

Stress makes your appetite go down.

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So in any of these cases, whether you’re not eating enough, not replenishing your body after a lot of exercise, or your under a deadline, these are all things that build up over a few days.

And then one day, you eat lunch, and it’s a big lunch. It should fill you up.

But the problem is you are only thinking in terms of that day.

You aren’t incorporating your eating habits into your mindset from the past few days.

So you feel very confused because on a regular day this type of lunch would fill you up.

But when you haven’t been eating properly over the past few days, this lunch is not the same.

Your body is playing catch-up.

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Why Am I Eating So Much All Of A Sudden Commentary:

So for me, I will do this. I’ll have some days where I just don’t eat as much.

And then I’ll have kind of a rebound day where I’m just really really hungry for food.

And the key thing is, I don’t freak out when I have a bigger appetite.

I pause and I reflect about my eating habits over the past few days.

Usually these days I am aware if I’m eating less, and I don’t really force myself to eat more than I want to, but I do know that eventually my body is going to catch up. There will be a day when I just am so hungry.

And that’s okay.

So I just wanted to make this message for you because I asked to client recently if they experienced this phenomenon, and they vigorously nodded their head up and down.

They said they had this experience just this past week at lunch, and in fact it’s their experience that is the basis of my motivation for making this episode.

If one person feels confused then I’m pretty sure other people feel confused as well about this.

If you want more information about this topic, please check out this additional article by MedicineNet.

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So the key to understand why am I eating so much all of a sudden ..

The key is getting out of the 24-hour time frame.

We are taught to think in terms of 24 hours like for example, thinking that you need 1500 calories per day or even 2,000 or 2,500 calories per day.

The key is that all of the labels in the supermarkets they all are caloric needs per day. And this just is limited thinking.

Why 24 hours?

I know it’s convenient and measurable and so forth.

However, life is complex. Millions of years ago we didn’t measure time in terms of 24 hours. And studies have shown that children will eat more some days, and without any coaching or instructions or guidance, they will eat less some other days.

And so over a week or 10 days the children on average maintain their weight.

But on any given day they are eating more or less.

So this notion that you have to get the exact same number of calories per day‚Ķ It’s setting you up for massive confusion. So just watch out for this mindset.

That’s all I have for today let me know do you feel more clarity in terms of why you have extra appetite some days?

PS – If you want some extra motivation to link up your mind and body to eat healthy and stop letting yourself go meals or days without eating enough, I made another article here you can read.

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