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How To Take Care Of Yourself And Each Other

Last updated on April 9, 2020

I love you. Now how do can I take care of yourself and each other?

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Today I want to cover the most important skill to know when you want to transform your eating habits.

This skill is very important! It’s called interoceptive awareness.

I didn’t make this term up. This term is well documented scientifically.

And this skill is the ability to feel what’s going on in your body and to accurately make sense of the feelings in your body.

So sensations like hunger, fullness, all your emotions from anger to joy to sadness – all of these things can be felt within your body.


Here’s the practical exercise to take care of yourself and each other:

  1. Put your finger on your neck. Then count your pulse.
  2. Take your finger off your neck. Then count your pulse.

In the second situation, you are practicing the skill of interoceptive awareness.

This is the top skill you need to learn to transform your eating habits.

Take Care Of Yourself And Each Other Commentary:

Interoceptive awareness means you can feel the sensation of hunger, and then no you are hungry.

So this might seem a little weird I realize.

Like, what does feeling your body have to do with nutrition and food?

Well, the most important thing is getting into your body, and to protect your body and your inner light.

You get stuck in your head when you come from a history of traditional weight loss and dieting and regaining lost weight.

Just realize you’re confused about all the nutritional labels.


And you’re just caught in your head.

So this interrogative awareness, developing this as a skill, means you repeatedly ask yourself “what is happening in my body now?”

And by asking this question multiple times each day and bringing your mind’s eye, your attention, to feeling your body, what this does is you connect with your body.

This overall principle also applies to sugar addiction as well.

I wrote an article about how you can reduce sugar addiction by being compassionate, and how compassion also relates to feeling your body.

sugar addiction

And it’s more than that. To take care of yourself and each other you have to connect.

You connect with what it means to be human. And as you practice this skill you connect more with yourself and you connect with others.

And this feeling of connection is the antidote to confusion.

When we are feeling confused it’s this chaotic energy and it’s very ungrounded.

We practice this interoceptive skill because our job is to be able to feel your body without getting uprooted.

In the beginning you’ll get uprooted when when you feel your body, however with time and practice, as you let yourself feel emotions you will start to trust yourself.

And trusting yourself is the exact opposite of a diet plan.

Diet plans are rigid, logical and have nothing to do with emotions. And we’re doing something completely different.

And when you start to begin this skill please expect, that you will not be perfect.

Sometimes you won’t know what you’re feeling.

It’s similar to writing or brushing your teeth with the opposite hand, for most people this opposite hand is unpracticed.

So if I write with my left hand because I’m right-handed normally, my left hand is going to be awkward in clumsy.

And that’s what we’re doing here with our brain. And diets we focus on left brain thinking, or logical thinking.

That’s where the diet mentality come from.

And now we are doing something on the right side of my brain, feeling and it’s like switching hands when you write. It’s going to be awkward.

left brain right brain

Fortunately there are few good ways we can practice take care of yourself and each other.

And I want to spend the rest of this video practicing with you today so how we can practice is by using our heart rate.

Now you can also put your hand on your stomach, because your stomach has a lot of sensations, but that can be triggered for some people so that’s why I recommend putting your hand on your pulse.

And the first part of the exercise is counting your pulse.

So if you put your fingers on your neck you can probably feel your pulse.

And then do that for a minute or so I’m not going to do it for a minute because I feel like I’d be too boring especially if you’re listening to the podcast.

But count your pulses.

Then once you’re done counting then take your hand off and count your pulses without your hand on your neck.

So this second thing, perceiving your heart rate, this is interoceptive awareness.

It’s where you focus on your heart.

And the beautiful thing about this is that it takes no time, you can practice it at all hours of the day, and if you have the right expectations, where you’re not expecting too much, this practice can change your life.

Now one quick thing to note is there a really two parts to interest up to awareness one is feeling your heart rate and the other one is being accurate about what you’re feeling.

So one quick way you can be accurate about what you’re feeling is to count your heart rates when you’re hand is not on your neck and compare it to when your hand is on your neck.

And so throughout the day your job is to get more in touch to practice where do you feel emotions in your body? Where do you feel fear? How does guilt feel in your body?

If you get stressed out or confused, don’t worry, this is not meant to be perfection mystic.

Oh and one last thing!
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