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How To Release Fixed Mindset Of The Past By Writing A Letter

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Last updated on July 11, 2020

Hakunna Matada …

You can also download the audio version from the Eating Enlightenment website here.

Today we’re going to talk about a powerful exercise you can do to shift out of fixed mindset and into growth mindset.

A growth mindset is a characteristic that every successful person has in life.

It’s the mindset that you can improve and learn from failure, and that failure is not about you personally.

The typical example is the quote by Michael Jordan who said when asked “what makes you great?” answered by saying his greatness was due to the numerous times he’s failed.

Growth mindset realizes that failure is part of the journey and embraces the lessons you can learn from failure.

A fixed mindset on the other hand takes failure personally.

People with a fix mindset think to themselves I am stupid, I will never improve or I always fail at everything I try – so what’s the point?

People will fix mindset give up on themselves. And so on this evening journey we want to be growth mindset and we’re going to do a powerful exercise to shift any of our tendencies of being fixed towards growth.

This exercise is a letter writing exercise with 2 parts.

  1. Release the past
  2. Practice the future

Release Fixed Mindset Commentary:

The first part you write about when you started disordered eating.

During this part you write about why you started eating but most importantly you dig deep into your memories and try to recall the emotional feelings.

For example, if you started disorder eating and dieting in high school, what feelings and emotions motivated you? Were you feeling nervous, or embarrassed? Perhaps you felt pressure from your parents.

Perhaps you just wanted to be attractive and well liked.

I’d encourage you to explore the range of emotions from positive emotions and negative and really note and try to remember how these emotions felt in your body.

So if you started to try to lose weight to be more attractive, that must mean you were feeling unattractive.

What did this feeling of being unattractive feel like, in your body?

Write down where you felt this And see if you can really try to understand that an emotional level what you were feeling in your body that motivated you to start disordering.

Write these all out. In the letter you write these all out by saying a long time ago….

The secret is realizing that writing letters will deliberately give you a boost in your “body memory”.

Putting together a narrative will dramatically improve your body awareness. I wrote about an article here about this.

And the second part of the letter is about the future. You about 4 things in particular about how to release fixed mindset.

One, that you are learning from failure, too, that you are giving yourself credit for trying and realize that skills take years to learn that you’re being patient, and three, that you are drawing boundaries and taking care of yourself more, and lastly, that you are enjoying more peace with food and whatever else motivates you to begin this journey.

So basically the letter starts out by recognizing the past but then transitioning to the future.

Share your letters with me!

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