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Mind Sequencing with Paul Hoyt – Personal Development Conversation Between Friends


Mind Sequencing – Paul Hoyt, expert Business and Life Coach, has officially started sharing his unique teachings!

Paul has recorded his happiness levels everyday of his life for the past 30+ years.

This is incredible!!!!

Whoever does something consistently for 30+ years is incredible!!

Such a rare feat of discipline, determination, and perseverance.

Below is a video of conversation. We talk about:

  • old memories of business
  • the 5 points of star performance
  • examples of Mind Sequencing techniques

Essentially Paul asked himself “how would I rate today?” out of 10 where 10 is the happiest ever, and 1 is a terrible day.

So if Paul had a bad day, he would rate himself a lower number and if he had a great day he would rate himself a higher number.

After tracking his data for years, Paul noticed an upward trend.

He wondered what was happening…

Paul peeled back the layers and realized that his Mind Sequencing techniques were making the difference.

Mind Sequencing is essentially little steps you can do at anytime to shift your energy.

If you shift your energy a few small times per day, then your day will get better.

But what if you practice shifting your energy?

So instead of shifting your energy just a few times per day, you shift your energy a few times per hour?

Well, then you get what Paul has – a stable marriage, a loving family, and a mindset of peace.

Or perhaps you’re able to sell better if you’re a salesman because instead of feeling anxious and weak your feeling calm and ready?

These techniques are real, grounded, approaches to dealing with mental blocks that seem too big.

If you want to learn more about Mindset, you’ll absolutely need to check out Paul’s MindSequencing strategies at http://mindsequencing.com.

Paul also has a Mindsequencing Podcast too. Paul recorded an episode about his favorite “Five Empowering Beliefs” which you can listen to here.

I also interviewed Paul awhile back and sent out a newsletter to my email list. You can listen to our previous interview here.

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