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4 Steps To Understand How To Stop Thinking About Food All The Time

How To Stop Thinking About Food All The Time (1)

You can be free of food, don’t let food insecurity stop you.

How To Stop Thinking About Food All The Time Podcast

Do cravings feel impossibly irresistible to you? You can’t stop thinking about food all the time?

Perhaps you’re ready to try some radical approach to food. Perhaps you’re really ready to embrace unconditional eating.

4 Points of Unconditional Eating

  1. Dieting is dangerous – and can cause food obsession thoughts and binge eating
  2. Food freedom is important – many people that are normal with food have this food freedom and you can have it too.
  3. How to do food freedom correctly – don’t try food freedom unless you’re eating enough nutrient dense foods and have actively prioritized meeting your emotional needs.
  4. Common fears of unconditional eating are mostly nothing to worry about – you won’t eat too much and your taste preferences will change.
how to stop thinking about food all the time

Now, for my in-depth commentary on how to stop thinking about food all the time:

Unconditional eating is like the love you (ideally) give to your child.

When the child misbehaves, you still love the child. A child is lovable even when they aren’t being perfect.

In terms of eating, unconditional eating is where you can eat any food. Period.

stop stress eating

There is no good or bad foods. Foods are equal.

Forewarning: Not all people are ready for this message and that’s fine. It’s such a crazy headspin.

To learn how to stop thinking about food all the time you must unlearn first.

But… I’ve found that if you have a decade or more of dieting and eating struggles then this advice may be your key which finally opens the door to food clarity and freedom.

Why is Unconditional Eating the key to stop thinking about food all the time?

If you remember early to your adolescence when you were in middle school…

Back before you had started dieting…

Before you started dieting, I bet you didn’t think about food all that much.

Now there are times and circumstances when you may have thought about food a lot when you were younger, even before middle school.

However, I am betting that whenever you started dieting, your thoughts about food gotten much, much worse.

It’s called cause and effect.

binge eating cycle

I’m not going to diet bash too much here because I want to get into the really helpful content, but just know that diets often times cause you’re eating problems.

So the key to stop dieting, and the ultimate sense of the word, is to stop food restriction.

To stop food restriction equals unconditional eating.

This is very important to understand – restriction and labeling foods good or bad, unhealthy or healthy, this is a form of judgment.

Unconditional eating we drop the judgment.

This is the great unlearning, and remember, we must unlearn first so we can learn how to stop thinking about food all the time.

Now hold on there.

Most people start getting very alarmed when I start talking about unhealthy foods versus healthy foods.

They jump to the conclusion that I am saying all foods are equal, from a nutritional standpoint.

They think I am going to tell them that fries are equal to carrots. Obviously fries are healthier and carrots.

Unconditional eating however, is where you accept all foods. When you accept all foods you remain neutral and balanced and guilt-free even if you have fries.

Instead of beating yourself up because you had fries you allowed yourself to eat.

Now it’s entirely possible to do unconditional eating the wrong way.

For example, many people have the fear they won’t stop eating if they allow themselves to eat unhealthy.

They fear they’ll eat 10 boxes of French fries, and then the next day they’ll eat another 10 boxes of French fries, and repeat this cycle forever.

I guarantee you this won’t happen.

But, in order for me to make this guarantee, I need to be clear about two things.

First, you have to be eating around 3x to 4x times per day and you have to be eating more than just carbs. This is not a crazy nutrition plan, anyone can do it.

Second, you have to be actively meeting your emotional needs. sometimes this isn’t possible for people. They have too much on their plate. They don’t have any time for self-care.

But if you are eating regularly and taking care of yourself then unconditionally eating will work for you.

So stop worrying about eating too much.


One says very powerfully – You will quickly stop desiring cake once you allow yourself to eat it for a time and then just notice how it feels in your body.

Because you will discover that unhealthy foods simply don’t feel good in your body.

As your body learns to listen mindfully to the sensations of unhealthy food, the body will very quickly learn to stop eating unhealthy food.

In most cases, there is tons of judgment and people are not feeling their bodies or noticing the impact of food on their bodies.

These are the four aspects of unconditional eating. What questions do you have?

I wrote another post here about mindful eating. Enjoy.