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How To Empower Your Kids and Life Lessons With Danny Bastos

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Last updated on October 1, 2019

Rarely do you meet a person who is so uplifting!

From having found her gift and purpose at age 16, to spontaneously writing a book in 4 hours, Dani really made me smile in this interview.

As I myself personally identify with the gift of healing, I knew I was in the presence of a healer.

How did I know I was in the presence of a healer?

I knew because Dani spoke about Love from the heart, so effortlessly the energy just poured forth. I even gave her tough questions too!

Asking about her struggles from changing career paths, asking her to share stories about her two daughters and husband, Dani answered all questions in a powerful way.

how to love your kids
Dani with her family 🙂

I really liked her stories. One story Dani told she thought she was getting cancer! All of a sudden one day a big lump appeared on her throat, huge. She went to the doctor and doctor looked very worried.

But Dani practiced what she preaches in her book – you must love yourself unconditionally. Resisting the moment stops flow, and flow is life.

So Dani put her hand on the lump on her throat, and whispered “I love you.” She accepted in this tumorous thing! Then almost miraculously, the tumor thing went away a few weeks later. The doctors were speechless.

So I’m not surprised to see that her book is titled ‘How To Empower Your Kids’. Empower seems very fitting, in a caring supportive way.

So without giving too much away I highly suggest you listen to the podcast episode!

Below the podcast are various links you can use to connect with Dani.

To follow Danny on Twitter visit @DaniBastos

Visit Danny’s website visit DannyBastosLifeCoach

To empower your kids purchase Danny’s book!

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