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3 Easy Ways Get Bad Thoughts Out Of Your Head

Last updated on April 10, 2020

Do you ever wonder how to get bad thoughts out of your head?

Sometimes your inner critic seems totally unstoppable.

You hear your inner voice, but you can’t shut your inner voice up.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can silence your inner critic.

If you are more creative and artistic, then perhaps you will be drawn to this “narrative” approach to silencing your inner critic.

Here is how you can start to change your inner narrative so that you can learn how to get bad thoughts out of your head in a creative way:

1- Externalize – create distance mentally between you and your inner critic by giving your inner critic a fictional name

2- Imagine – imagine your inner critic is now speaking to someone you care about, like a good friend

3- Empathize – imagine how does your friend feel being criticized by your inner critic

Since this video is more about the beginning of the journey you’ll take to transform your thoughts, you can also check out this video here to get more tools to fight your thoughts later on down the line.

How To Get Bad Thoughts Out Of Your Head – Backstory:

Just the other day I was conversing with an accountant. She was a very logical woman and was great at her job.

She was a great accountant because she was very precise about rules and making sure all the numbers were accounted for in the books.

At work she received positive feedback for her organized efforts. Other people on her team were yelled at by her boss.

However her boss never bothered this lady. She was always spared the oversight because her boss knew she would always get the numbers right.

On the surface this woman’s perfectionism helped her and many ways. From earning an income to feeling okay at work, at least not miserable, her inner voice of perfectionism did a lot of good things for her career.

You could say that what made this woman great at her job was her inner voice of perfectionism.

However, this inner voice of perfectionism also wrecked havoc on this woman’s body and within her mind.

In particular she struggled around food. While she was concerned about her weight, she realized that her inner voice was really the pressure holding her back from her dreams.

This voice was always badgering her and whispering her ear around food. How could she ever lose weight, let alone just enjoy her food unless this voice and her head quieted down?

After particularly busy tax season, the voice in her head got louder and LOUDER. She somehow managed to survive. 

Then things at work quieted down. She had some more time to reflect on her life. 

She took a vacation. While on vacation she decided to attend a talk on “accessing your inner artist through mindfulness”.

And this workshop was all about mindful journaling and understanding herself.

She didn’t get a whole lot out of this workshop, but she felt there was something here.

But another part of her began to speak to her and she began thinking there was a possibility …

That this voice she had lived with for so long …

That she could learn how to get bad thoughts out of your head …

So with this in mind she did a few Google searches and found my interview I did about Intuitive Eating with Amy Waddle, speaker and founder of Dancing with ED.

Something in my conversation with Amy resonated with her. So she then found my website. She scheduled her free session, and we started talking about life.

Specifically she asked for a creative way to silence her in her critic. This video is my response.

I’ll talk a little bit about these three steps, but you can listen to the video for more detail.

Main thing I’d like to emphasize about these three steps is the power of letting go identification with your inner narrative.

We all have voices in our head. Sometimes we don’t know the good voices apart from the bad voices. Yet, with training and practice it is possible to dis-identify. 

That’s what these three steps are all about. How do you dis-identify with your negative mind and internal critic?

Because it is possible to greatly quiet the inner critic and for your mind to think positive. However, if there is no space between you and your negative thoughts it will be absolutely impossible for you to transform your mind.

So these three techniques they are all about giving you space so that you can recognize your inner critic and change it.

These three techniques are really meant at the beginning stages where you are just trying to point your finger at the negative voice, instead of the negative voice being in all consuming dark cloud. 

The first step, by naming your inner critic that will help your mind create a shape and internal map of this inner critic.

The second step, by imagining what the inner critic says to your friend, you are creating more space. With space you can the start by empathizing and when you can empathize you get out of your limited self-centered ego.

The third step, imagining how your friend feels can help you tap into your anger and defensiveness, but in a good way. 

When you can sense that your friend is being taken advantage of and being bullied, you can harness your anger and defensiveness.

From this place of distance and space, you can really start to chip away and fight back at that inner critic.

For more resources, here is a blog article by Spring Psychology which talks more and gives more in-depth tips about how to get bad thoughts out of your head.

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