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3 Reasons Why My Dad Lost Weight After He Retired

Last updated on July 11, 2020

You can also download the audio version from Eating Enlightenment website here.

Here is the story of my dad’s weight loss journey so far. The story is simple. He retired. He has way less stress. For years he has said that he needed to lose 10 or 15 lb but he never did. 

Then, finally he retired, and the wait seemingly has just been shedding like a snake’s skin. Now before telling the story I do want to say right away it’s only been a few months. 

So I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself. Because I know from working with people that weight loss is actually pretty common. It’s easy to get excited about weight loss. 

Yet, with most people I work with, they have lost weight many many times before. Yo Yo dieting is their norm. 

So I don’t want to get too excited with my dad because I know that he might gain the way back. But there are several things that are exciting to me. The following are some reasons why I am hopeful my dad will keep the weight off:

1 – Less Stress, Less Weight – instead of being on a diet with rules, which is stressful, flip the script and focus on decreasing your stress at work

2 – Clean Up Your Environment – at work you might be tempted by sugary snacks, if you remove yourself from tempting environments you will naturally have less urge to eat those sugary snacks

3 – Try To Associate Less With Unconscious Eaters – you might be in work relationships with unconscious eaters who eat unhealthy without thinking. While you’re stuck with family, work relationships are easier to switch up

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How My Dad Is Losing Weight Backstory:

So now I’ll give some more details into my dad’s story which hopefully will bring the light these three points.

I think the most interesting thing about my dad’s story is that most of his weight loss is not due to dieting.

He just retired. As a result of retiring he had a lot less stress and he could just realize how much he was eating because of his stress.

Most days after work he would have dinner which was healthy, but then after dinner he would still be hungry and he would have ice cream or cookies.

How To Stop Cravings At Night
here is another post I made about how to stop cravings at night.

This is extremely typical.

Most people I end up working with who struggle with emotional eating are stressed out, and they are not eating enough during the day. So they are extremely hungry at night.

This is a bad scenario because then at night they have lower willpower and the cookies are available. So of course they eat the cookies and ice cream and so forth.

Now in addition to retiring, my dad is also no longer hanging out in the snack room with coworkers and having snacks whenever he goes and has a coffee. He’s also going to bed earlier too.

Now I do realize that retiring does afford certain benefits like the ability to not associate with unhealthy coworkers. However, I don’t want you to use this as an excuse.

Just because you are not retired doesn’t mean your work relationships are set in stone.

Work is much different than family. Family is much more set in stone and harder to change especially if there are unhealthy eating relationships or relationships centered around food.

This is a big piece of the puzzle to understand how my dad is losing weight.

Of course I’m not telling you to stop hanging out with your work friends, but just consider actually having lunch by yourself someday or packing lunch and eating it at your desk perhaps even going outside and meditating.

And then lastly this is a side topic story but it relates back to the third point of not having unhealthy foods in your immediate environment.

So my grandma was living with my parents quite some time and my grandma is a lovely person but she really likes cookies.

So she would always be making cookies and having cookies available, which of course made it easy for my dad to become tempted.

I remember going home and always seeing cookies on the counter.

It was a bit alarming to me because there were always desserts always on every counter.

Yet Grandma has sense moved back to her home state and is living with some other family right now, so my dad no longer has these temptations.

So if you do the math, my dad isn’t focusing on weight loss. He’s way less stressed.

As a result of being less stressed, he has less desire and compulsion to use food to cope with stress. With less stress he is no longer skipping meals and becoming as hungry at night.

how to stop cravings at night

This is how my dad is losing weight!

He also is no longer spending nearly as much time with his coworkers eating snacks in the break room.

And lastly, his environment at home has changed as well. There are no longer tons of cookies readily available.

And perhaps the point I’m making here is the message of eating enlightenment!

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