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Understand Why We Our Own Worst Critics in “Challenge The Food Police” Principle of Intuitive Eating

Challenge The Food Police

Excerpt from the book Intuitive Eating (affiliate link): Food companies, magazines, and commercials are capitalizing on consumer eating morality with absolving themes: • “Be bad. Snack well, they let you be bad, and still be good” (an ad for SnackWell’s Fudge Drizzled Caramel Popcorn). • Guiltless Gourmet (a food company that specializes in fat-free snacks) […]

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How To Help People With Eating Disorders Feeling Stuck By Using Nonthreatening Exercises

how to help people with eating disorders

You can also download the audio version from Eating Enlightenment website here. Today we continue to learn how to help people with eating disorders. Specifically today we are focusing on non-threatening exercises. What’s a nonthreatening exercise? A nonthreatening exercise is designed for someone in the pre-contemplation stage. This terminology “pre-contemplation” comes from the “Stages of […]

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