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10-Day Food Yoga Challenge To Reduce Overeating! You’ll Need A Journal For Nutrition Education and Behavior

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  • 10-Day Food Yoga Challenge To Reduce Overeating! You’ll Need A Journal For Nutrition Education and Behavior

Last updated on April 28, 2020

Tis’ the holiday season.

A woman in the Eating Enlightenment community reached out to me and said that she wanted a challenge.

A wonderful woman in the Eating Enlightenment community reached out to me and said that she wanted a challenge.

She wanted a challenge that gave her something to do to be healthy. A challenge that was meaningful.

And so I heard her request for a challenge, and took her words to heart.

Like seriously!!! Her message sooo deeply resonated with me.

It’s because I get a chance to teach the idea of compassionate discipline.

Compassionate discipline is the key to overcoming food struggles.

If you can use a journal for nutrition education and behavior AND LEARN from your eating experiences, the compassionate discipline can be THE ANSWER.

Because you truly have IT within you.

Seriously. And you need to bring IT out through discipline.

But not that harsh discipline where there’s failure involved. Or, where you torture your body to try and get your body to look a certain way. Or a certain weight.

No. You know harsh discipline doesn’t work.

But if you’ve ever doubted your health journey … your ability to FEEL GOOD with food, your body, at peace …

Then relax. It’s ok to be a little doubtful. If in the past you tried the ‘harsh discipline’ approach then OF COURSE it didn’t work …

But as the New Year comes around, it’s a time to LET GO.

Time to forgive. Time to recommit, but wiser this time around.

You remember. You have IT within you. Compassionate discipline is the key to unlocking that which is within. Your inner light, as I like to say.

And so I heard her request for a challenge, and took her words to heart.

So I’m very pleased to announce that the 10-Day Food Yoga Challenge To Reduce Overeating is starting this Sunday the 22nd!

You’ll just need about 20 minutes a day. A few minutes of yoga, a healthy meal and a journal for nutrition education and behavior.

The outcome of this challenge is simple.

By the end of this challenge you will have measurably reduced any sort of overeating struggle.

If that’s compulsive eating, binge eating, emotional eating, food addiction, you name it, this challenge will give you the heartset, mindset, nutrition, and yoga to measurably reduce overeating.

This challenge will have 3-parts – Learning, Being and Doing.

  1. The Doing
    • Food – 1 meal per day of whole food
    • Yoga – 2+ minutes of yoga per day

  2. The Learning  
    • Everyday I’ll be going LIVE in the facebook group and giving you the education around food addiction and binge eating. This will give you the Mindset you need to stop overeating.
    • I have interviewed many experts on ‘how to stop binge/emotional eating’ and I will be posting short snippets of our conversations in the facebook group to bring to life certain points.
    • There will be additional training resources like worksheets and scientific articles

  3. The Being
    • Journal for nutrition education and behavior – 10+ minutes per day
    • In the facebook live videos I’ll give an emotional exercise that I want you to journal about.
      • For example, one exercise will for you to locate your emotional feelings in your body and be able to practice naming the emotion. This is a critical, critical skill for you to stop overeating. After practicing this emotional exercise, I then want you to journal about what you learned.

If you want to sign-up for the challenge, go to the private Eating Enlightenment facebook group and request to join.

There will be a few quick questions just to make sure you understand everything and then you’ll be all set.

Now, for 3 more house keeping items.

One, yes, the challenge is free.

Two, I’d like to emphasize is that for 10-days I will be asking you to put away your scale.

Why put away the scale? It’s simple. In Eating Enlightenment we are weight loss neutral.

Our intention is to focus on healthy behaviors that connect deeply with you and make you feel good. If weight loss happens, great! If weight loss doesn’t occur, no big deal.

In Eating Enlightenment, we believe in the Long-Term.

In the Long-Term, making sustainable changes to your lifestyle and learning the emotional heartsets and mental mindsets will help you lose weight (if you are genuinely overweight, which some people are not).

But the goal is NOT to lose weight in the short-term. The goal is to Fall In Love with the process.

That’s what I deep down want for you in this challenge. I want you to discover the inner yoga of working with food that FEELS GOOD and RIGHT to you, so that you can do this For The Rest Of Your Life.

Third and final point, by the end of this 10-day challenge you will have definitely seen a measurable decrease in emotional overeating.

But I’m not saying that you’ll stop or cure overeating.

No. I’ll be honest with your right now.

I’ve struggled with binge eating before. Trust me, I’ve struggled with marijuana addiction, I know substance use which food definitely can be. I’ve come from a childhood where I didn’t get the emotional tools I needed to build relationships and live in this crazy world.

It’s taken me years to get to where I am today. So there’s no magic bullet. This challenge won’t cure you.

Why am I being brutally honest? Because someone needs to tell the truth here!

It takes a long damn time to re-wire your brain and actually change your eating and emotional coping behavior.

Plus, there’s so many moving pieces that you can struggle for years to put all the puzzle pieces together.

  1. You see a nutritionist, but then miss out on the exercise and psychology.
  2. Then you go to the gym, but then miss out on the psychology and nutrition
  3. You see a therapist, but then miss out on the nutrition and exercise

This 10 day challenge will put together the puzzle pieces.

You’ll understand the path moving forward.

I’ve worked with soooo many people who were missing a piece that they got blocked for years!

So this challenge is really about giving you the tools you need to succeed for the long-road ahead.

But remember, the long road ahead is not a torturous process. It’s a process that you can truly learn to love, enjoy and appreciate.

That’s what this challenge is about. Getting you to truly connect with the spiritual path of food yoga.

Again, the challenge starts this Sunday.

Click here to join the group!

Or, search Facebook for “Eating Enlightenment Group”.

Oh and one last thing!
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