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Body Image And Self Compassion Recap

Last updated on May 15, 2020

The last few weeks I have been focusing on creating excellent ‘Body Image and Self Compassion‘ content for The Eating Enlightenment email and private facebook community.

This post recaps the various pieces of content created for community, and includes the live training workshop that I presented at the end of the topic.

How Eating Enlightenment Community Works Step 1

If you’re new to Eating Enlightenment, the first step in our community interaction is me asking you what to focus on.

How it works is that I survey the community to find a pressing topic, question or theme. I’ll either send you a link to fill out anonymously, or you can just reply to one of my emails.

Last topic that was most desired by the community was Body Image and Self Compassion.

(Sometimes it’s hard to get a majority consensus on what to focus on, but last time we had a definitive amount of people want to focus on body image.)

Eating Enlightenment Content Creation Step 2

After we pick a topic to focus on, I go research, read and learn myself!

And let me tell you something honestly, after researching and reading for this theme, I had to revise my perceptions on many ideas.

I am now much more aware of fat discrimination, weight discrimination and the social pressures that cause people to diet, binge eat and regain weight.

Learning about the history of body image, from how hundreds of years ago white guys (like me) basically body shamed people for power was incredibly eye opening.

While I’ve been living and breathing Intuitive Eating for some time, I didn’t really fully appreciate the incredible depth, evilness and sheer cultural entrenchment of The Diet Mentality before now.

(Honestly, I think as a white guy, I can tend to miss some of these dynamics, so I’m glad to be able to admit my blind spots and really face the social injustices that are happening.)

I’m pretty friggin’ pissed off right now not gunna lie!!!

So after writing all the content (linked to above) I then summarize what I learn in a podcast and video series.

You listen to the podcast down below, or visit iTunes to listen to previous episodes and/or leave a 5-star review.

Eating Enlightenment Live Training Step 3

Finally, I create a live training event in which you can participate in live and ask questions via Zoom or Facebook Live.

Again, exclusively for the Eating Enlightenment community.

You can watch a reply of the live training for Body Image and Compassion here.

Oh and one last thing!
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