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Food Appreciation: Find Great Local Spots And Connect With Your Heritage With Laura Ali, On The Kitchen Shelf

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Last updated on May 27, 2020

Today Laura Ali introduces me to food appreciation!

Food appreciation pinterest image: how you can find great local spots

I really found some wisdom listening to Laura, and I highly suggest you do the same.

Laura has been in the eating field for 30 years and has a unique passion for local cuisine and food cultural heritage.

You can visit Laura at https://www.onthekitchenshelf.com/

Or, follow Laura @LauraAli_RD

Our conversation today centers around two main topics:

1. Finding Great Cuisine Locally

2. Cultural Food Connection.

These two topics are what I’m calling ‘Food Appreciation’. Hence, the title of the podcast and blog article here 🙂

In context of Food Appreciation, Laura also shares some great stories:

– Pittsburgh’s cultural food center

– Sour Milk Donut recipe from Laura’s great-great-aunts. Read Laura’s article here to learn more about these delicious fried donuts!

I learned some fascinating lessons too:

– how food appreciation can help you enjoy your food

– health professionals can build trust with clients by knowing local food scene

Take a listen or watch down below, and leave a 5-star review on iTunes with what you appreciate most in this podcast!

If you are curious if you have Binge Eating Disorder, please take this short 8 question quiz.

The quiz questions are based on medical criteria used in treatment settings to diagnose Binge Eating Disorder.

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