Overcome Eating Trauma with Jodie Gale

Jodie has been through her own trauma and eating healing journey.

Then she’s gone on for the last 20+ years to help women heal from trauma and eating.

Now she’s sharing all of her wisdom for us today.

Enjoy 🙂


To visit Jodie’s website go here – https://jodiegale.com/

Hey! Let me blunt with you because you’ve read this far.

It’s vital that you bring awareness to your eating habits if you wish to change them. 

Using more willpower for the millionth time isn’t going to change things and you know that.

Please take a minute to quickly complete this 8 question quiz about Binge Eating.

You will quickly learn your likelihood of having Binge Eating Disorder, and may also choose to receive free resources with educational and treatment info.

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