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The Eating Enlightenment 30-Day Challenge is designed to teach you eating fundamentals.

The whole point is to see measurable results.

  • dramatically reduce your eating quiz score, AND
  • decrease the frequency of your binge and emotional eating.

Measurable Results

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The rest of the challenge will teach you more advanced skills step by step ...

I’m Jared, your host for the challenge.

I’m just a normal guy who used to binge eat as a wrestler and be addicted to weed.

Since then:

- I lived in a monastery for 13 months and became a Zen Monk

- Got certified as an Intuitive Eating counselor

- Got my Master’s in Counseling, and currently work as a Recovery Counselor at Cielo Eating Disorder treatment center in the Bay Area.

Plus, I’ve been doing this work for years...

And have helped a little over a hundred clients to reconnect with inner peace and stop binge / emotional eating.

Enough about me, let’s get back to you and the upcoming eating program.

Here’s Your 30-day Challenge Welcome Gift:

Case Study Mp3 - this is a 37 minute ‘miracle’ interview with our hero, a woman named Gina.

Gina, mother of four and marketing manager, had secretly binged for over 40 years and felt totally out of control and obsessed with food.

This is absolutely bonkers ...

But Gina learned Eating Enlightenment principles and she was able to stop binge eating within 5 months!!

Tomorrow, I will reference this case study when you learn about the first, simple training principle.

The Structure Of The Eating Enlightenment 30-Day Challenge

Tomorrow (Day 2) you’ll get an email from me explaining the first principle.

You’ll hear how Gina and I incorporated this principle to reduce our cravings and binge eating episodes.

Then there will be 10 more emails throughout this 30-day challenge.

The emails are designed to teach you one piece of the puzzle at a time.

Rather than bombarding you with tons of information all at once, we’ll break down one actionable step at a time and give you plenty of time to build momentum.

So each email will introduce a new concept and build on the previous skills we learned. Sound good?

Next email will be tomorrow.

Future emails will be sent 2-4 days apart after tomorrow’s email.

You ready!!!?

Jared Levenson
Eating Counselor Coach

PS – The ‘miracle’ story of Gina references details of my treatment program Binge Eating Disorder.

That program is for 3 months; the cost for that program is $3,000.

That program is designed for people specifically diagnosed with Binge Eating Disorder.  Use this link if you’re curious about other services I offer and learning what people have to say.